"Mr Frankfurt" tells the story of the Frankfurt Book Fair

Peter Weidhaas, for many years director of the Frankfurt Book Fair, has plenty to tell when it comes to the world’s biggest book fair. And he also knows its history, as demonstrated by his book "A History of the Frankfurt Book Fair", due for publication in English at the end of October. Just as Weidhaas shaped the Frankfurt Book Fair, so it too shaped the life of "Mr Frankfurt", as foreign publishers often called him. Weidhaas will be at this year’s Frankfurt Book Fair in person at 4.30 p.m. on Friday, 12 October, in the Forum Dialog (Hall 6 E 905), and on Saturday, 13 October, at 2.00 p.m. in the Literary Forum of Independent Publishers (Hall 3.1 D 145). He will be here to introduce the second part of his recollections of his time in the world of books and publishing companies, published in German as "Und kam in die Welt der Büchermenschen".
The book "A History of the Frankfurt Book Fair" is edited by Carolyn Gossage. It has been translated from German into English by Wendy A. Wright and is published by Dundum Press (Toronto).

Peter Weidhaas in 1999