This is how Frankfurt can be a success:
tips from independent publishers

They may be small, but they are nevertheless strong. They are young and independent publishers. Ten of them give advice on how independent publishing companies can make the most of the Frankfurt Book Fair in terms of business.

1. Do your homework
"Plan early by setting up appointments. Ask your reps and agents to
suggest key accounts to meet, and find out as much information as
possible about them before you go."
Kathryn Earle, Berg

2. Go beyond Hall 8
"Give yourself time to have a good look around - it really helps to put
your own publishing in context and can give you some great ideas."
Helen Kogan, Kogan Page

3. Take a mini-stapler and notebook.
"Every time you get a business card, staple it to a page and write
your notes there and then. Otherwise, five minutes later you will have
forgotten who on earth they were."
Emma Barnes, Snowbooks

4. Take a break
"Always try to grab half an hour to yourself between the end of the day
and evening appointments, even if it is just sitting somewhere reading
a book."
Andy Hayward, Constable & Robinson

5. Avoid the city
"Rent a car at the airport, stay at one of the plentiful and inexpensive
hotels in the hills and drive in and out of the fair."
John Nicoll, Frances Lincoln

6. Rent a house
"We rent a flat in the same house year in, year out and have become
friends with the owners. It’s cheaper and a lot more fun than staying in
a hotel."
Gary Pulsifer, Arcadia Books

7. Don’t fly
"Treat yourself to a first-class rail ticket. If you’ve spent a hard week
at work in Frankfurt you deserve the luxury of sitting in comfort on
the return train without the stress of the airport."
Tommi Grover, Multilingual Matters

8. Try to get an early night
"You can bear a lot more without sleep deprivation and hangovers."
Brenda Gardner, Piccadilly Press

9. Exercise
"Pack some clothes and shoes to jog in. Fifteen minutes getting a
sweat before a day in the hothouses staves off the colds and the
Richard Warner, Class Publishing

10. Don’t sign anything
"Sleep on any deals until you get home."
Andrew Johnston, Quiller Publishing

Tom Holman, The Bookseller Frankfurt Preview